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    Breast cancer awareness is one of the most well respected causes in America, with millions of men and women rallying together to bring support to those affected. Unfortunately, even though it is a well known cause with many medical advancements, there is still no cure. 

    We at Bonne Vie felt as though we needed to do something to help raise money for breast cancer awareness and research, which is why we created the "Vitae" line. In Latin, "Vitae" translates to "Life", which is what the people affected with breast cancer are fighting for every day.

    To show that we are honest with our intentions, we have officially partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, or the NBCF for short. The wonderful people that work at the NBCF have helped thousands of women by providing free mammograms, early detection screenings and breast health awareness programs.

    With every "Vitae" hat purchased, 30% will be donated to the NBCF, quarterly, with updates on this page about how much money we have raised.

    Don't wait any longer, these brave women are fighting for their lives.

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