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    Anxiety and Depression are two of the most common and widespread mental health problems in today's society. These conditions know no age, and effect people all over the globe. There is an empathy that takes over when you hear about someone who is struggling with this condition, as they feel lost in their own mind.

    To do our part in helping bring awareness and further research on these conditions, we decided to create the "Erro" apparel line. In Latin, the word "Erro" translates to "Wanderer", in which we relate to how those affected feel in their everyday lives. 

    To show that we are honest with our intentions, we have officially partnered with the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA for short. ADAA focuses on helping people with these conditions live and thrive in society, by providing a free online support group, a database of member therapists, raising awareness and offering a broad range of information and resources for anyone who needs them.

    With every "Erro" hat purchased, 30% will be donated to ADAA, quarterly, with updates on this page about how much money we have raised.

    Don't wait any longer because anxiety and depression wait for no one.

    May the Erro find peace.