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    Domestic abuse is currently one of America's most prevalent problems. Unfortunately, countless men and women have been caught in abusive situations with their significant other. To us, this is unacceptable.

    To help combat this, we decided to create the "Amare" apparel line. In Latin, "Amare" means "Love" and we believe that love should not be tainted with violence.

    To show that we are honest with our intentions, we have gone out and officially partnered with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, or the NCADV for short. The NCADV focuses on educating people on the dangers of domestic violence and working with lawmakers to create laws that help to prevent it from even happening.

    With every "Amare" hat purchased, 30% will be donated to the NCADV, quarterly, with updates on this page about how much money we have raised.

    Don't wait any longer, help those who are being hurt by the one's that they love.

    Spread the Amare.